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  1. Hello. Im guitarist Pathfinder metal band. I can ask u something? U make Pathfinder Pictures in 2009.we played with thunderbolt and paul diano. I can use your pics with my person in my new videoclip? will be great. metal!

  2. Hello !

    My name is Mauro Paietta, italian guitarist of the band My Refuge, power metal band from Italy.
    We have recently recorded our fisrt full length album titled „A Matter Of Supremay“, published by the label Scarlet-Bakerteam records.

    For us it will be a pleasure to be reviewed on your pages, the following links to download the presskit direct from our website,


    or streaming on spotify


    This is our fisrt full length album, followed by „3407“ EP in 2010 and “Living in Anger” EP in 2013

    We are also available for interview if interested

    Thank you and thanks for the support you give to our beloved music daily!

    Mauro Paietta


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